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Getting around in New Orleans is a lot like getting to the land of Oz! There are no mountains in Louisiana, and depending upon where you are in the city, you're either at sea level or below. The city is built on a bend in the river (hence the "Crescent City" moniker) with streets radiating outward.

There are no landmarks to denote general direction other than water. Water plays a big role in our lives in New Orleans, and influences the way we describe our location: lakeside (nearer Lake Pontchartrain), riverside (nearer the Mississippi), East Bank and West Bank.

The East Bank is really the west side of the Mississippi River. To get to the West Bank side, you have to travel east across one of the bridges! It can be a little confusing for unfamiliar travelers. Here at New Orleans Transportation, you'll find plenty of options to help you navigate our lovely city.

  • Limousines

    Limousines & Luxury Vehicles

    Weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom night…nothing says “you’ve arrived” like traveling in a luxurious vehicle through the streets of New Orleans. Whether you need a ride at the airport or are sending a limousine or executive car to pick someone else up in style, you'll find luxury transportation to impress at New Orleans Transportation. Learn More

  • Charter BUs

    Group Transportation/Charter Buses

    Why travel separately when you can all go together for less? New Orleans is home to several reliable companies that offer charter services for airport transfers, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, birthday parties, church groups, sporting events, meetings and conventions, golf outings, school functions and so forth. Learn More

  • Airlines


    New Orleans' Louis Armstrong International Airport is located in Kenner, approximately 15 miles west of downtown. New Orleans shuttle buses, taxis, limos, and public transportation buses run from downtown and French Quarter areas to the airport regularly.The airport recommends that all passengers arrive two hours prior to flight takeoff. Learn More
  • Airport Shuttle

    Airport Shuttle

    The official New Orleans Airport shuttle can get you to any destination safely and comfortably with their fleet of clean, gas-powered minibuses. They offer transportation to all Downtown and Uptown hotels, the Convention Center, French Quarter, and Cruise Ship Terminals. Large groups are always welcome and handicapped accessible vehicles are available. Take care of your New Orleans Airport transportation and reserve online today! Book Now
  • uber

    Ride Sharing: Uber & Lyft

    If you’ve got a trip to New Orleans on your schedule and you aren’t interested in the expense and hassle of renting a car or using a traditional taxi service, you should consider Uber and Lyft. The simplicity and convenience is amazing, and with such knowledgeable drivers, you’re sure to learn some amazing things about this amazing city. Learn More
  • Taxi


    Taxis here are like the "horse of a different color" in the land of Oz. Many taxis are privately owned, so one will look different from another--even those within the same company! Rates from the airport are generally around $28.00 for 1 or 2 passengers and $10.00 per passenger for 3 people or more. A taxi ride within the city will cost you around $1.20 mile, with a $2.50 drop charge and $1.00 charge for each additional passenger. Trips to the West Bank add an additional $2.00 to the meter. Learn More
  • Rental Cars

    Rental Cars

    Need your own wheels on your next trip to New Orleans? Renting a car can give you freedom and flexibility while you're on your trip. There are a few different car rental companies to choose from in the city, some of which are conveniently located at or near the New Orleans airport. Learn More
  • Train

    Train Transportation

    There are three Amtrak trains that pass through or terminate in New Orleans. You can check all of the schedules and fares online, or call (800) USA-RAIL. Amtrak also posts a variety of sales and discounts on its website, so you should always check if there is a special to your desired destination before you make your reservation. All trains and Greyhound buses arrive and depart from Union Passenger Terminal at 1001 Loyola Avenue, downtown. Learn More
  • Buses


    Need to get around the city while you're in town for your vacation? Take the bus! New Orleans' Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides New Orleans public transportation. Unfortunately, transportation between Jefferson Parish and New Orleans involves two separate transportation agencies, as Jefferson Parish transportation is provided by Jefferson Transit (JET). The area served by Jefferson Transit is shown on their route map; fortunately, there are connections to the RTA's key transportation routes. Learn More
  • Parking


    Before you head into the Big Easy, please take note of an important piece of advice: ALWAYS READ THE SIGNS BEFORE YOU PARK! While the city depends on tourist dollars, it also makes quite a lot from parking fines. READ the signs before you park. Metered parking is enforced. You only have to pay the meters from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday - when the meter maids are working. Call Parking Enforcement (504) 826-1880 if you have a question about parking in New Orleans. Learn More
  • Streetcar


    The New Orleans streetcar is much a tourist destination as they are a way for people to get around the city. They are a historic treasure and very special to the people of New Orleans. The street cars can take you to various destinations around the city - restaurants, shopping or other attractions. Also, it's just a great way to relax as you sight see around town. Learn More
  • Cruises


    New Orleans is a popular port for ships that tour the Mississippi and travel to foreign destinations like tropical hotspots in the Caribbean and beyond. Whether you're taking a four hour tour on a historic steamboat or a week long getaway, you can find out more information about these water bound vessels here. Learn More
  • Ferry


    New Orleans offers a ferry for pedestrians and bicyclists for just $2 (vehicles not allowed) across the Mississippi River. It connects the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter with the second oldest, Algeris Point. Algeris Point is a great escape from the hectic French Quarter and the ferry offers breath taking views of the French Quarter and New Orleans skyline. Learn More