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Fidelity Bank White Linen Night

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More of a block party than a festival, Fidelity Bank White Linen Night in The Warehouse District is a perfect example of why this part of the city is often called “the SoHo of the South.”

Years ago, before air-conditioned automobiles were the main mode of transportation, New Orleanians had to find creative ways to stay cool while going from one place to another. Since the color white helps reflect heat, white linen clothing became a staple fashion among locals during the warmer months. As a tip of the hat to that piece of The Big Easy’s colorful past, and as a way to mingle with current and potential customers, the Warehouse District merchants began throwing the White Linen Night in 1994 and haven’t stopped since.

For three hours on the first Saturday evening every August, hundreds of art aficionados and casual shoppers stroll through the art galleries along Julia Street. While most are dressed in white, the dress code is not strict and some people are more liberal with their color choices.

For more details, go to http://www.artsdistrictneworleans.com/events/fidelity-bank-white-linen-night